Dr. Dahl is Orange County Forensics' premier forensic psychologist, with formal training in criminal psychology, risk assessment, and sexual offences. Dr. Dahl's extensive work in institutions provides her with a large pool of experience and professional contacts, specifically in the area of severe mental illnesses. Dr. Dahl brings this experience to the witness stand, and provides an understanding of complex psychological situations and motivations.

Dr. Dahl, a competent and skilled practitioner, has developed an intimate understanding of forensic psychology, and has experience educating others in the court-room, and class room. Dr Dahl's excellent lecturing skills makes her easy to understand, with ready to use information. These skills have developed over time by educating other practitioners and advancing in the field of forensic psychology.

Dr Dahl has additional training with underserved and minority populations. Her familiarity and knowledge of these populations provide her with an understanding of the hardships and challenges encoutered. This understanding enables her to provide compassion and insight into sensitive situations.

Dr. Dahl is a qualified expert witness, having served as an expert witness in many state and federal court cases.

Dr. Dahl stays current with topics in forensic psychology by regularly attending educational seminars. In addition, Dr. Dahl is involved in trainings, and supervises doctoral students.

Dr. Dahl's numerous professional affiliations include the National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, California Psychological Association, Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers, and the California Coalition on Sexual Offending.

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Dr. Dahl, Forensic Psychologist

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